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Network Performance Monitor

  • Speeds troubleshooting, resolves network outages, and reduces downtime
  • Monitors and displays response time, availability, and performance of network devices
  • Improves operational efficiency with out-of-the-box, customizable dashboards, alerts, and reports
  • NEW in v11: Automatically calculates network latency and correlates to end-users’ quality of experience
  • Automatically discovers and maps network devices and typically deploys in less than an hour

NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

  • Monitors network bandwidth & traffic patterns down to the interface level
  • Identifies which users, applications & protocols are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Highlights the IP addresses of top talkers and stores & displays flow data with up to one minute granularity
  • Analyzes Cisco® NetFlow™, Juniper® J-Flow, IPFIX, sFlow®, Huawei NetStream™ & other flow data
  • Typically deploys in less than an hour

Network Configuration Manager-Automated Network Configuration & Change Management Software

  • Enables bulk change deployment to thousands of devices
  • Performs automatic, scheduled network configuration backups
  • Protects against unauthorized & erroneous network changes
  • Detects & reports on network compliance policy violations
  • Provides real-time network inventory & asset service management

Engineer’s Toolset

  • All the network tools you need in one complete & affordable package
  • Intuitive web console for 5 of the most popular tools
  • Monitoring, Diagnostic, Discovery, Configuration, SNMP, and Cisco® management tools
  • Orion node management for device diagnostics and alerting

Server & Application Monitor

  • Proactively identify and isolate the root cause of application issues
  • 150+ applications supported out-of-the-box
  • Reduce root cause identification by up to 50%
  • Marked improvement in uptime and performance

Virtualization Manager

  • Real-time dashboards simplify identification & troubleshooting of performance, capacity & configuration problems
  • Identifies VM sprawl, helps you reclaim & optimize space, and reduces licensing costs
  • Integration with Server & Application Monitor provides complete visibility of the application stack – from app to VM to datastore
  • All the functionality & more of other leading virtualization management tools – at a fraction of the cost
  • Easy to download, deploy & use – start monitoring your VMs in less than an hour

Web Performance Monitor

  • Powerful and easy-to-use website monitoring for apps on both sides of the firewall
  • Detect slow page load speed for each page in a transaction—well ahead of customer emergencies
  • Agentless & secure user experience testing from multiple locations inside or outside your firewall
  • Web-based dashboards to quickly identify Website load times by location, page, or transaction
  • Identify heaviest page elements (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) & alert on images that aren’t matching
  • Transparent pricing (transactions X locations)—no extra change for number of pages or number of alerts

Major Clients

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