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GPS Tracking System:


Sales team and Delivery teams have the maximum flexibility in the field and hence needs either self-control or technology to monitor it. If you need technology to monitor we have couple of solutions that can help.


Vehicle Tracking: Vehicles can be tracked using the vehicle trackers.This will take care of the movement of the vehicle, excessive idling, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, over speeding and analyse to get the driver behavior. Additionally further sensors can be added to monitor seat belts, Temperature inside the cold storage vehicle, Air-condition usage, etc.


SalesPerson Tracking:

Mobiles are the best bet to track the sales and delivery team. Sales team that are visiting their Key Accounts for Order taking can utilise the GPS system that we have developed to help monitor the movement of the sales team. Several options are available including the Web-app or native App or special barcode scanners that can be used along with the Mobile phones. Custom reports can be delivered based on the business requirements.


Major Clients

DHL Express Al Jaber National Marine Dredging Company Nationalization & Residency Agency - Dubai Al Naboodah Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi University WASL Properties