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Human Resource Management Sysytem User Friendly Interface Multi-User Role Based Solution HR and Adminstration Function Attendance Machine Intergration


  • Comprehensive Arabic and English Interface
  • Browser-based access to employee requests
  • Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Asset management
  • Set unlimited allowances and deductions
  • User friendly Self-Service modules for automated leave and document request
  • Alerts for expiring documents like visa, passport, driving license, etc
  • Integration with attendance machines (RFID, NFC, Bio Metrics etc)
  • Document management, E-Mail notifications and process automation


HR & Payroll Module is conceptualized to effectively manage the HR objectives of an organization in a less span of time. In today’s dynamic changes and demanding business environment competent Human Resource Management is crucial for ensuring the overall continued success of the organisation. Consequently the expectation bar from the HR Leaders is continuously rising each day and its functions are not limited to just recruiting, maintaining employee records and payroll processing. It should move from mundane administrative role to a decisive strategic role that contributes to the bottom-line of the business.


  • Manage Employee Life Cycle
    • Collate employee personal details, dependents, nationality, educational qualifications,
      previous employment history, driving license etc
    • Track the Probation time, capture the visa details, work permit details, department,
      reporting structure, allocation of assets, etc
  • Develop Staff
    • Track various training programs undertaken by employee
    • Appreciation letters for contribution towards productivity using point mechanism
  • Manage Staff
    • Attendance and time tracking
    • Employee Transfers
    • Notice and Disciplinary action tracking
    • Define the Appraisal for each Grade of employees
  • Dashboard with colour-coded fonts for better visualisation and quick actions
  • Automated notifications and pop-ups for the breach of event dates like passport, visa, license, trade license expiration


Payroll process is not only calculating the monthly salary of the employee but also any special payments,overtime payments or bonuses or loans that must be applied. Payroll processing ensures that employees are paid on timeand accurately.This system tracks the timesheets of all employees working on sites and based on the hours worked the salaries are processed and forwarded through WPS system.

The Payroll system meets requirements of an organization with simplified payroll processing techniques.It allows one time global configurations Payroll Processing, End Of Service(EOS) Settlement, Leave Rule setting etc. as per company policies making the system easy to use, accurate and reliable.


  • Automates the payroll process using data from self-service, leave and loan application
  • Integrates seamlessly with the HRMS
  • Defines unlimited earnings and deductions
  • Track salary revisions with complete history
  • End of Service Settlement
  • Gratuity calculations as per the Government Regulations
  • Salary Slips generation abiding to WPS Compliance
  • Host of post-payroll reports that gives you 360 degree view of payroll


Human Resource Management Software contains comprehensive and user-friendly self-service module. It enables the employees to access vital HR info so that they can perform some key HR functions like making and forwarding leave application through automated process, obtaining the leave approval, perform necessary task related with Air ticket request and approval, training requests, letter requests (like Salary Certificate, Introduction Letter) and so on. Self Service helps in reducing paperwork and improving employee satisfaction by faster procession of various HR formalities. It also helps in reducing un-necessary calls to HR Department as employees can themselves see when they can take leaves, number of their due leaves, who are the other colleagues in their department going on leave (instantly helps in better leave management), approve leave, check their air ticket eligibility, apply for tickets and various other important information. Self Service is a must for any organization aiming to streamline their HR process. Paylite with its browser based interface makes it a breeze to deploy it across offices.


  • Automates leave process from application to final approval
  • Integrates seamlessly with payroll application
  • Efficient and well organized workflow driven methods to manage benefits, leaves, loans and salary calculations
  • Check online status of leave
  • Document Request from Company
  • Easy to use navigation pane for ease of use


In this module, every step of employees’ appraisal process can be easily and professionally tracked. Some unique features of  appraisal management system include 360° appraisal, setting up of Appraisal Managers and appraisee database, managing contributions of external appraisers, generating appraisal templates and so on. Its user-friendly easy-to-use features need minimum training for all contributors. Appraisal system ensures smooth access to the related history and has been made especially for UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia. It is already #1 choice for Appraisal Management System in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Muscat (Oman).


  • Setting the Appraisal
  • Consideration of the Notice/Displinary Actions
  • Tracking of Achievements
  • Setup of Appraisal Managers and Appraisee
  • Minimal training needed for users
  • Quick access to appraisal history


  • Helps manages manpower effectively and efficiently
  • Project wise time accounting for employees
  • Multi dimensional reports on time spent for Client Groups, Clients and Projects

Major Clients

DHL Express Al Jaber National Marine Dredging Company Nationalization & Residency Agency - Dubai Al Naboodah Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi University WASL Properties