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Document Management System

Document Scanning

This is the ability to scan paper documents including CADD, invoices, cheques, etc and have them stored in a database. The document imaging application may also include processing such as optical character recognition (OCR), converting the document to a searchable PDF, or making the scanned document available for workflow processing.

Intelligent Data Capture

The Intelligent Data Capture system learns identity, classify, extract key index information, and automatically route to appropriate document workflows for review and approval. The system adapts to the current workflow so that the learning curve is minimal. Your organization can process large volumes of inbound enquiries, delivery orders, invoices, and sales orders from a wide variety of suppliers and customers using your business rules.

Content Management, Storage and Retrieval

The system provides a repository of content storage as well as document management functionality like the ability to create folders/subfolders, check in/out, versioning, audit history, and other basic document management functions. Instant search and retrieval of content through indexing of metadata is the key benefit for the everyday user. Administrators can assign security privileges such as edit or view only to users and security may be at the site, file folder, document level. Integration with other applications via an API is also available.

Automated Workflow

Workflow enhances existing document driven business processes, improving productivity and business process insight. Benefits emerge quickly as documents and other business content are directed automatically to the right place at the right time with email notifications — simplifying collaboration and improving efficiency throughout your organization.

SharePoint and Cloud Integration

Web interface is an add-on option that will ensure that you are free from installing thick client of the application, It gives the flexibility to integrate with SharePoint Portal and utilise the workflow features. SharePoint can be on Premise or it can be a Cloud Option.

Artificial Intelligence

Moving from Knowledge to Wisdom is the primary focus and the next level of document management. Wisdom lets you turn knowledge into predictive analytics to help drive your business, create new opportunities, and streamline processes.

How will it save you money?

Document management relate to organizing your data properly everytime making staff more productive, improving project coordination, reducing time spent searching for or duplicating information, and improving the quality of decision making. However, efficiencies can further be improved by automating the workflow process – speeding up document routing, shortening turn-around-times, improving SLAs, preventing delays and errors while improving customer satisfaction. Document management is most beneficial when it replaces paper-based document-driven processes.

  • Accurate and faster document recovery
  • Reducing dependency on individuals
  • Better decision making
  • Protection of sensitive documents from unauthorised access and theft
  • Reduced printing and photocopying
  • Frees up cabinet space and costly floor area
  • More efficient processes

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