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Each drop-off and pick-up vehicle can host a mobile device (Rugged Handheld, Android tablet) with NFC reader. Our Android application or the web application can take care of the validation of the user and help log-in the time and the geo-coordinates of each employee. This data can be collected offline using the Android app or centrally using the web-app and help generate the In/Out of each employee.


Mobile technology to the rescue. We have rolled out for a large distribution company with 40,000 active clients using the mobile based solution with 100+ delivery personnel. It keeps track of each delivery person’s movement, cash/cheque collections, returns, rental assets status, online status of the depleting stock of each van for automatic replenishment by feeder trucks, etc. The system is also integrated with the ERP, Call Centre application and website so that all orders via either medium will be automatically routed to the correct delivery person. Validation of the work-order is been done by the delivery person in order to increase the product sales and customer service.

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Major Clients

DHL Express Al Jaber National Marine Dredging Company Nationalization & Residency Agency - Dubai Al Naboodah Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi University WASL Properties