Corporate IT at its best


Team MH&D is a quality committed, professional but flexible in approach with our clients. Our dedicated staff are technically qualified to deliver quality solutions and support them over its lifecycle

We Provide Turn Key Solution By :

  • Conceptualizing the solution
  • Analyzing and finalizing System requirements
  • Providing a smooth and easy to use system
  • Analyzing network infrastructure to provide optimum     performance and usability
  • Protecting customer investment by maintaining the     system to work over the years
  • Maximizing security for Multi-User and Multi-Location
  • Competitive Edge

  • Simplify the business issues
  • Cost-Effective solutions with Faster ROI
  • Minimize turbulence of new implemented solutions
  • Solution focus
  • Availability of Arabic & English Consultants
  • Quality of service
  • In house and/or on-site customization
  • Consultant or full solution supplier
  • Best tailored service contracts
  • After Sales Support

  • On Time Implementation
  • Professional Training
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • E-mail & Remote Support
  • Periodic Visits
  • Network Management

    Solutions that will ensure company's business processes and its infrastructure are working in harmony together.

      Alloy Navigator
      Alloy Discovery
      Orion NPM
      Orion NCM
      Mobile Apps

    Major Clients

    Al Jaber - Dubai
    National Bank of Fujairah - Dubai
    National Marine and Dredging
    Dubai Courts Department - Dubai
    Al Mawakeb Schools - Dubai
    Dubai Roads & Transportation Authority
    (RTA) - Dubai
    Al wasl properties

    Major Clients

    DHL Express Al Jaber National Marine Dredging Company Nationalization & Residency Agency - Dubai Al Naboodah Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi University WASL Properties