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MH&D offers a complete range of sophisticated products based on RFID technologies for people, vehicle and object identification

RFID Offerings from MH&D

RFID solutions improve supply chain efficiency and customer services through RFID technology. Our solutions leverage reusable components reducing time to develop and integrate with existing client processes and applications with minimal effort leading to shorter deployment time and resulting in faster ROI realization for our clients.

Understanding the Right Frequency for your Application

Frequency Range Theoretical Read Range Data Range Surfaces Typical Applications
Low Frequency (LF) 125 KHz, 134 KHz Short
<0.5m (<1.5ft)
Slower Acces control, animal tracking, vehicle Immobillzers and POS application
High Frequency (HF) 13.68 MHz Short to Medium
1-3m (3-10ft)
Medium Access control, smart shelves, item-level tracking
Ultra-High Frequency
(UHF) Passive
860 MHz - 960 MHz Long
3-9m (10-30ft)
High Pallet tracking, electric toll collection, baggage handling
Ultra-High Frequency
(UHF) Active
433 MHz
860 MHz-960 MHz
Very Long
3-450m+ (10-1,500ft+)
High High-value asset tracking, construction, oil and gas
2.45 GHz / 6.8 GHz Medium
>3m (>10ft)
Very High RTLS-type applications, some supply-chain applications and electronic toll applications
Ultra-wideband 3 GHz / 10.6 GHz Low to Medium
<10m (<30ft)
Highest Medical equipment tracking, room-level monitoring

Major Clients

DHL Express Al Jaber National Marine Dredging Company Nationalization & Residency Agency - Dubai Al Naboodah Traders Hotel Abu Dhabi University WASL Properties